Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suicidal act or something?

Now, let’s talk about the cover artwork. It’s about the ‘slightly’ gruesome of slits wrist and serious hemorrhage of the image. Since the first released we’ve received exactly the same question from some friends that asked why the artwork is like that… or are we promoting suicidal act or something?
To answer the question, it’s absolutely not. We’re neither promoting suicidal act nor supporting such thing like that. We are not, will not and never were. Based upon the universal misconception of promoting suicide that surrounds the sludge/doom realm is actually utter bullshit. Sludge/doom (or whatever shits that you want to call it) is/was never about giving up life and never about committing suicide or things that related. You can read by your own about that misconception over here or simply read all the FAQ here. So, now you won’t be misleading to the oblivion.

But why should we put the artwork if we’re not promoting suicide?
It would be the same like those D-beaters. They hate war as much as we detest suicide. But they still put the pictures of war victims to adorn their records’ cover; dead bodies everywhere, nuclear bombing, mutilated body parts, skeletons/skulls etc of which I believe they want us to know the impact of after war and to remind us how bad the war is. So, it’s the same goes to our artwork: We hate/detest suicide, so we show you the end result; the brutal truth and impact of it. To take our life by our own hands is not a wise thing to do; it is an act of losers. No matter how bad life’s treating us, we have to bear in our mind that life should go on and everything is gonna be alright someday. Yes, things couldn’t change in a blink of our eyes, so be it, deal with it and rock the hell out of what life can offer us. Struggling is a never ending treatment that one should experience, until the right time will come upon us, so we could (perhaps) rest in peace and in proper way.

Is the person in the artwork has died?
No, he’s not. He survived and now still living happily with his family. He is currently a full time artist cum motivational speaker concentrates on suicide awareness. :)

Okay, I want more deliberate explanation upon this matter.
No, we don’t have any further explanation towards this. But we do think that poem down here could explain more. Read carefully, okay.

i have normal suicidal tendencies
that pain which keeps me alive
this room of claustrophobic force
fan spinning, audio murmuring
light of the bulb, ticking clock
outside the windows, clanking noises
machinery boasted down the road
no sign of nature, those songbirds
seemingly unheard, extinction might be
feeling of burning inside, i drew smiling lips
punish me please, so i could stand up and rise above
damn to them who silence
praise the beheaded and blindfolded fools
give me your hands, i want to kiss it goodbye
no more mr. nice guy, no more mr. wise guy
we’re polluted, all corrupted
these cathartic razors, won’t kill those pains.

This poem which entitled "Catharsis", Zaki (the vocalist) wrote in his room somewhere around November 2006 and already had been posted in his previous blog ( on November, 29th 2006 and then in his current blog ( on January 22nd, 2007. This is clearly not about approaching commit suicide or killing ourselves. This is just a manifestation of a reflection when someone faced upon hard times. Let’s just read the last sentence: "These cathartic razors... won't kill those pains", it's true enough that we’re not promoting any harmful suicidal acts. And it's also merely said that we don't believe commit suicide is the answer for any difficulties or depressions.

Reminder: By providing such explanation, thus we’re not responsible if someone killed him/herself after purchasing the CDEP. Better read these two sites first (in order to ease the pain) down here before committing such acts:

So, any further explanation? Just read between the lines, you mofo!

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