Dogma Artistic Guerrilla (DAG) started in January 2001 and previously a moniker for my stencil design/art activities. Gradually it changed to represent any form of arts, music and literature that Ive made, be it artworks, bands and writing (zines, books etc): Basically to signify anything that I produce as an individual at that time.

It was originally written like this: ‘DOGMA: Artistic Guerrilla’. ‘Dogma’ is the moniker/headline and ‘Artistic Guerrilla’ is the tagline.
And it was also transformed to a tiny distro (called DOGMA: Press & Distribution) approximately back in 2002.

The name has periodically changed and currently made into a phrase as ‘Dogma Artistic Guerrilla'.

But I started to consider it as a label when Agitator joined in to release Nuisance Drilled’s CDEP in 2009. Since that moment, DAG is a collective of two and no longer a solo effort anymore. And it’s also pretty decent to call it as a label when looking at DAG is currently focusing on releasing more music oriented stuff.

It is important to state here that we have reallocated the whole DAG distro works at Your.Slave.State: DIY Distribution since October 2009. Instead of focusing merely on DAG releases, it’s distributing stuff from other labels locally/worldwide as well.

We don’t think DAG is a cool name nonetheless, because it’s long and intricate for some to memorize. By the way, we couldn’t come up with any suitable nuance to represent all our activities during the brainstorming for a unique name. Despite the dissatisfaction of an agreeable name, we ended up using DAG until now.

It means: Our own mind, our own ‘dogma’… and keeping it practical. Not to shove it unnecessarily. Furthermore try to remain ‘artistic’ through ‘guerrilla’ approach. Every release has its own agenda and motivation. Maintaining the aesthetic value is a virtue. Esoterically DIY method, at all times.

We prefer different artists/designers to do the artwork/design/layout for DAG releases. It’ll be excellent if the band can provide it themselves because it’s easier when dealing with style, concept, theme and preference of the release. Hassle free that is. Of course the royalty will be given (separately with band royalty) for that creative works. However, we’ll do it ourselves if the band can’t provide artwork/design/layout by themselves. 

The DAG releases could be variety of genres as we love almost all types of extreme music. We'll release anything that we find it necessary (musically/ideologically) and fit enough in twisting off y(our) hearing pleasure.


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