Monday, April 27, 2009

Merchandise 1: T-shirt

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Update on Thursday, May 14th, 2009:

The t-shirts are no longer available at Dogma Artistic Guerrilla HQ.
• On the brighter side, there are 3 pieces (sizes: M, L and XL) still available at Embrace Hall. We’ve decided to put the t-shirts over there simply because it’ll be easier for those who live at the down south to get it. For those who live in Klang Valley may order it thru mail order or by hand (or might as well have to go to Embrace Hall to purchase it. No kidding). As the other regions, the availability at the certain places nearby is strictly upon request. Or else it would be none.
• The second batch of another 13 pieces (with new design) is coming shortly. We’ll announce about it soon.


  1. wohooo,aku booked size m kot..nnt aku sms ko

  2. Mahu dihantar ke mana? Bagi alamat, bro.