Sunday, April 19, 2009


We have had our first review, done by Nizang of Nervhous Records (that also distribute the CDEP as well). Read as follow:

"Nuisance Drilled on this recording consists of 3 members of Sarjan Hassan and 1 member from Banzai 606 which both are thrash core bands. But if you think this is another thrashcore band, you might be slightly wrong. They're more towards sludgecore with rocking guitar solos and vocals screaming as if he's seeing ghosts or maybe suffering unbearable pain. Hahah!

This CDEP contains 6 tracks with samples from 'Enam Jahanam' movie between each song. A very 'artistic' and 'conceptual' EP. Come in digipack with the frontman's artwork scattered all over the inlay.

Final sample is a revenge conversation from the movie, probably showing the revenge of the band after waiting too long to release this CD."


  1. aku baru beli kelmarin, awesome packaging, arts,lyrics and musics, cuma ade banyak petikan dari filem ol skool, tapi memang puas hati lah CD nih!well done bro!-khabir

  2. Thanks bro. Appreciate your compliment. Enam Jahanam memang rules. Thanks again.