Sunday, May 29, 2016

FUNERAL MOTH - transience Cassette Tape

Title: FUNERAL MOTH - transience
Cover Design/Layout: Makoto Fujishima
Format: Full Length Cassette 
Label: Dogma Artistic Guerrilla 
Distributor: Dogma Artistic Guerrilla 
Price: RM10 (by hand) + RM7 (PosLaju & Hand[ing), USD7 postpaid (World). 
Pressing Info: 100 copies 
Release Date: August 2016
Status: SOLD OUT!
Album Info: This is the only cassette tape version of this release on earth. So, act quick despite the slowest [and 'calming'] aural awaits you in this piece of gem. As expected it gives us what we've been looking for in the realm of extreme (funeral) doom atmosphere satisfactory. With only 2 songs in nearly 40 minutes, is there anything left to demand from a band that offers such a lot of interesting riffs that can be somewhat soothing yet torturing? Yes, nothing is left to ask except for wanting more of a sweet torment and lotsa despair they could deliver. This second album is absolutely a must for any extreme music lovers out there especially those who are deeply in love with the slowest sound at its best. A mixture of Worship, Evoken, Mournful Congregation, Thergothon & (later) Corrupted. All hail FUNERAL MOTH or submit yourself to be in eternal doom tremendously!

"2nd album of Japanese extreme doom. This release will be the first appearance of their new bass player Ryo Amamiya after the departure of founding member, Nobuyuki Sento. Following the path of their previous melodic and tranquil slow doom album "dense fog”, they added various experimentations into their song writing - for example, one of the songs is written in "Rondo" format traditionally used on classical composition. These new attempts have made their music become much more dramatic and complex. Tremendous agony in which we suffer on our transient mortal life; feeling of loss, endless sorrow, sense of emptiness and remorse. This album is dedicated to the voiceless dead who had returned to the tranquil ocean with mortal agony." -

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