Thursday, May 29, 2014

SETE STAR SEPT - Tape Collection 2013

SETE STAR SEPT - Tape Collection 2013
Cover Design/Layout: -
Format: CD (arigato-packed + obi-strip)
Labels: Revulsion Records, At War With False Noise, Noisemongers Records, Dogma Artistic Guerrilla, Placenta, Delusion Of Terror, Death Mutt & D.I.Y. Attack Records.
Distributors: Same as the labels.
Price: RM10 by hand / RM15 Registered Mail postpaid (Malaysia), USD7 postpaid (World).
Pressing Info: 1000 copies.
Release Date: April 2014
Status: 20 copies left.
Album Info: CD version of all tracks from their 2013 tape releases including split with Cogs And Sprockets, split with Madre Coca, split with ACO/ABO, Overdose tape EP, split with WEAPON CREAK, split with Unadulterated Parasites and split with RESTO DE FEIRA. Total 35 tracks with more almost 74 minutes of songs. This compilation CD is a collaboration release initiated by Revulsion Records with many labels aforementioned.

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