Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ROTGUT/SETE STAR SEPT - Grindovermatter Split 7” Vinyl

Title: ROTGUT/SETE STAR SEPT - Grindovermatter
Cover Design/Layout: Mohd Zaki Ali
Split 7” Vinyl
Label: Dogma Artistic Guerrilla
Price: RM20 by hand / RM25 Registered Mail postpaid (Malaysia), USD9 postpaid (World).
Wholesale Price: 5 copies above = RM17/USD7 each
Pressing Info:
300 [hand numbered] copies.
Release Date:
December 25th, 2012
Status: SOLD OUT!
Album Info:
Turbo tornado power grindcore!!! This Malaysia vs. Japan ‘rivalry’ brings you a win-win situation. No need to argue more. Rotgut’s trio delivers 4 morbid-worshipping tracks in 6:06 minutes akin to Birdflesh, Rot and Cripple Bastards. Whilst Sete Star Sept’s duo delivers 8 calm-loathing tracks in 2:54 minutes resembling Anal Cunt, Seven Minutes of Nausea and Nikudorei! The total 9 minutes of blistering ear-splitting grindcore by both bands is undeniably satisfactory for any grind/noise lovers out there. Grind now or die!


Q: And Flyer? A: And Flyer.

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