Sunday, August 22, 2010

aural mayhem project

Title: Aural Mayhem Project: The Four-Way Split
Cover Design/Layout: Mohd Zaki Ali
Distributor: your.slave.state
Price: RM10 by hand/RM11 postpaid (Malaysia), USD5 postpaid (Asia), USD8 postpaid (World).
Pressing Info: 500 [hand numbered] copies.
Release Date:
August 2010
50 copies left!
Album Info:
Pleasant sound for pleasant people! Four massive tracks by four dronescape/avant-garde/noise acts; Neurotic Euphoria (Malaysia), Serigala Jahanam (Indonesia), Napalmed (Czech Republic) and Jerk Kerouac (Malaysia). Get ready for the ultimate ears annihilation!

+ Down here is the standard rates for Aural Mayhem Project: The Four-Way Split CD. Please make sure that you pay the exact ‘official’ price as notified. For the time being, it’s quite reasonable price that we can offer. So, you know that you’ve been ripped off, if you pay more than this.
Wholesale: 10 copies above = RM7 each.
Distributor price: RM10 by hand / RM11 postpaid each.
Shop/Retail price: RM11 each.

+ The first 100 lucky buyers will be given one of these limited 1" buttons. And the
distributor/seller will get all of it! Clear enough? Thank you very much.


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