Saturday, May 16, 2009

the sources.

Instead of getting from Dogma Artistic Guerrilla (DAG) HQ, there are several other sources that have also carry the Nuisance Drilled “All Is Well, Euphoric Ending” CDEP. If you hate mail order, there are shops out there which kind enough to help us carrying the CDEP. If you love mail order, but merely loathe having a deal with us at DAG HQ, we have other options by providing you the individuals/distros that distributes it as well. Price might be varied, but we surely have the standard rates in order to avoid the deceit or rip off case to happen. Please make sure that you pay the exact ‘official’ price which has been previously notified over here.

Down here is the list of trusted parties as mentioned. Simply click the images to visit each respective site. Thank you.

Revulsion Records: Our partner in crime!

The Ricecooker: Need no introduction, or do we still have to introduce them? A cool place to hang out that also carry lotsa DIY stuffs.

Embrace Hall: New place, but old faces reside in this chill atmosphere kind of space. Carry lotsa DIY stuffs.

Itudio Studio: The brainchild of creative heads. Lotsa artsy and DIY kind of stuffs available here.

Nerhous Records: The long running label of Dum Dum Tak's bassist/vocalist.

Man Beranak: The mad thrasher of Sarjan Hassan, as we know him.

+ You can also be our distributor in your area, so let’s get in touch now or never.

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